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Executive Coaching in Russia


One of the subjects with which I helped my Russian company in the two years I lived and worked in Moscow was leadership development, and more specifically, executive coaching. In addition to coaching myself, I’ve met and interviewed about 35 external coaches whom had been recommended to me. Together with my own experience, this has given me an interesting insight …

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Global ‘versus’ Local


For the last couple of months I have been working for Allianz Global Investors in Frankfurt and Munich helping with their talent management processes. I’ve been made very welcome and enjoyed it there. One of the aspects of HR management of which I have been reminded in this project, is the tension there can be between global HR and regional/local …

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A short exercise on change and change management


One of the most amusing, but nevertheless insightful exercises I have done with groups, ends up with the participants taking their clothes off. Well at least some of them. (Clothes that is, not participants). I trust I now have your attention. The exercise is to demonstrate some of the aspects of change and change management. The groups stands in two …

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Remote coaching


Many many years ago, when remote teams, with team members and subordinates spread out in different locations and even different countries and time zones, was a new phenomenon, I followed a week’s course in Brussels run by Global Integration.  It made a huge impact on me and have used much of what I learned time and time again, sharing my …

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One of my favourite exercises with new teams is ‘Lifelines’. I’ve used it a lot through the years, especially when the team is almost all new. It has never let me down and it never fails to surprise. It sounds simple but seems to generate amazing, personal, in-depth discussions between new colleagues and teammates. Each participant takes a flipchart page …

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Benchmarking talent management systems


I have recently been helping with a talent management project, as part of the Organisational Renewal Programme at the European Space Agency (ESA). One of the discussions has been about benchmarking and what other similar technological companies do, in regards to talent management systems as a whole and the management of technical skills (skill families) and individual competence plans (or …

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Values, culture and result-oriented performance management


Last week I ran a half-day interactive session for high-potentials at NIS, the Siberian National Oil Company in Belgrade, Serbia. They wanted to hear how corporate values can drive culture and result-oriented performance management. My case studies were three companies and corporate values introductions, with which I was myself involved. Shell Chemicals went ‘global’ in 1997-2003, when I was one …

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Transition communication checklist


Whenever I have been involved in a change process, whether a major reorganization, a reduction round or the introduction of new processes, I learned very early on that “communication” will always be an issue. However much you think you are communicating, it will never be enough. People will always want more even if there is no more to give. Nevertheless …

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7 tips for getting a job after job loss (and start whilst you’re still employed!)


It is never nice to lose a job, especially through no fault of your own, but the chances are it will happen to most of us at some stage in our career. There are plenty of articles about what you should do then to improve your chances of re-employment. Unfortunately most people wait until it happens to them. My message …

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