Organisational Design & Change Management


  • Led (as both HR and line manager) and project managed a vast range of change management and organisational design programmes, also co-ordinated in different countries
  • Certified to use William Bridges Transition Management material & concepts
  • Many HR roles included responsibility for organisational design & development (for example Deputy VP HR & OD for TNK-BP)
  • Worked with many different external consultants in different countries
  • Management Centre Europe Internal Consultant Course

Previous examples

  • Multiple major reorganisations & reduction rounds within Shell, locally within The Netherlands & globally (including mergers, takeovers & divestments)
  • Major reorganisation including governance and management structure in Shell’s global shared service centre network
  • Project managing the move and reorganisation of senior Corporate Centre positions leading to the creation of a single Headquarters for the Shell Group
  • Review of organisation design & processes of Sibur’s R&D and research centres to stimulate innovation
  • Workforce planning and organisation design for a large petrochemical company in the Middle East
  • Kazakhstan Sovereign Wealth Fund, National Company & Corporate University Transformation programmes
  • Consulted on organisational development and capability of TNK-BP’s International Business
  • Advised on the organisation and transformation of TNK-BP’s Upstream business
  • Creation of a new organisation for Fonterra Europe in Amsterdam (after the closure of Hamburg)
  • New ways of working & introduction of values/cultural change in Shell & Fonterra
  • Organisational change consultancy within TNT
  • Strategic development & change management in non-profit, volunteer foundation


Advice, facilitation, project management & training for managers, management teams & organisations on organisational change, design & development, and other aspects of change management


  • Reorganisation, restructuring, organisational design
  • Divestments, mergers, acquisitions, takeovers
  • Manpower planning, reduction rounds
  • New Business and People Strategies
  • New ways of working, culture, values
  • Cultural differences
  • Transformation
  • Improvement and changes in people processes