Coaching & Mentoring

Coaching: the process of equipping people with the tools, knowledge & opportunities they need in order to develop themselves and become more effective

Mentoring: advice & recommendations on professional issues based on the mentor’s personal experience

Background & Previous examples

  • Individual executive coaching (including the future CEO Shell UK, Chief Technology Officer Shell Group; various Vice-Presidents TNK-BP in Russia; European Managing Director Fonterra; Directors in Sibur; many CHROs in different countries & companies)
  • Design, consultation and setting up coaching & mentoring processes within companies (including TNK-BP, Kazakhstan national companies and Sibur)
  • Internal coach in executive development centres (leading to individual coaching trajectories)
  • Coaching & mentoring of young professionals (all areas including technical, business, HR)
  • Coaching & mentoring of professional women (including career, line management, leadership, impact & performance, cultural differences, networking, gender differences)
  • Running women’s mentoring circles (8-10 women in groups around such themes as: bridging the gap between technical expertise & general business competence; Navigating your career: where is the map and compass and how do they work? Making cross-functional moves)


  • Senior and mid-level managers and leaders: executive coaching
  • Young professionals: coaching & mentoring (including HR professionals as well as technical & business)
  • Professional women: coaching & mentoring