Culture, D&I

Culture, Diversity & Inclusion (D&I)



  • 25 years leading global teams with different nationalities & cultures
  • Designed & presented workshops on understanding cultural differences
  • Co-writer & organizer of the ‘Great Expatations’ film on how other nationalities living in Holland view the Netherlands
  • Setting up required business working culture in the new Fonterra Europe

Diversity & Inclusion

  • 25 years awareness of American and global D&I issues
  • Created & chaired D&I Council at Shell Amsterdam
  • Drew up & managed annual D&I plans for global organisations
  • Sponsored & helped create a Women’s Network with Shell
  • Ran women’s mentoring circles

Previous examples


  • Designed & presented THIS Masterclass on Hospitality and how different cultural expectations can be managed for Dutch businessmen, women & entrepreneurs
  • Dutch Polymer Institute (DPI) Young DPI Day on cultural awareness
  • Invited presentation on my personal experiences of doing business in the BRICS countries at Nijenrode Business School
  • Inter-cultural business partnerships (e.g. Eataly restaurant complex in Moscow with Italian global company)

Diversity & Inclusion

  • Designed & presented D&I workshops on: the workplace; general awareness; gender; generational differences at Shell
  • Developed Onboarding course for all staff at Fonterra Europe, covering all aspects of work including culture & inclusion
  • Invited to talk about D&I mentoring sessions and setting up D&I councils at D&I meetings/conferences


  • Workshops/presentations on Culture and D&I
  • Business consultancy (e.g. business case, D&I plans, D&I Councils etc)
  • Awareness & events for different cultures & nationalities