Matrix management, remote teams & global working


  • 25 years of managing and leading matrixed and remote teams based in different countries around the world and also of myself being a member of dispersed teams around the globe
  • Understanding of theory, tools, techniques and practicalities for matrix management, remote & global working
  • Globalised & standardised HR processes in Shell Chemicals Technology in the late 1990s, the first area in Shell to become truly global

Previous examples

  • Coached numerous colleagues in Shell (and outside) on running matrix, remote and global teams
  • Coaching and organisational development (including delayering) in matrix organisations such as Sibur chemicals company
  • Consultation on matrix management (e.g. for European organisation of Japanese company)
  • Given training sessions on tools & techniques for working in remote teams (e.g. Fonterra)


Advice, coaching and training on creating and running high-performance remote teams, how to manage in the matrix and working globally