Shared Service Centres

Offshoring & shared service centres


  • Was for 3 years Vice-President of Strategy and Vice-President of HR (including HSSE) for the Shell shared service centre/global business service network, which grew in that time from 1500 to 9000 jobs, grew to centres in 8 different countries and was multifunctional (including finance, HR, B2B external customer call centres, contracting & procurement, distribution, IT)
  • Invited to give presentations at major European and Russian conferences
  • International network of shared service centre practitioners and centres

Previous examples

  • Reviewed governance, organization and management of all the offshored captive shared service centres in Shell, including start-up of new centres in India & Brazil
  • Advised on setting up an HR shared service centre and moving to a multifunctional business services organization in Russia for TNK-BP (and a small finance centre in Prague for TP Vision, a Philips JV)
  • Feasibility study on the creation of the 1st HR shared service centre in Kazakhstan (on the basis of the company’s 10 yr Outsourcing experience & HR administration of 1000 outsourced staff working in 30 companies); started the process to create it for major Samruk companies
  • Set up fit-for-purpose, externally benchmarked global HR organization for the Shell business services network, including high-volume recruitment, employee value proposition and a ‘Single Framework’ of market-based terms & conditions for all staff in all centres


  • Consultation, advice and/or project management: strategy, business case, organizational design, governance, management, ways of working, people processes
  • Start-up, location choice and migration to new centres