Staff Councils

Support with and for Staff Councils


  • General Manager (Bestuurder) of Staff Council
  • HR Manager dealing with a number of different Staff Councils in different companies
  • Line manager of Staff Council members including Chair of a Staff Council

Previous examples

  • Advised the Chair and Staff Council of TNT Post in The Netherlands in an expert consultant status on management’s reorganization  and restructuring plans, in particular the HR Masterplan (with a >20% reduction in numbers and costs), against the background of a 11000 fte overall reduction in staff and the carve out of Mail (Post) from Express
  • Advised on the creation and setting up of a Staff Council within Fonterra, including supporting the new General Manager (Bestuurder)


  • Support to Staff Council Chairs, committees and members in their dealings with management and change processes
  • Support to General Managers (Bestuurders) and HR Managers in their dealings with their Staff Councils