Talent Management


  • More than 30 years experience developing, introducing and managing talent strategy, assessment & development, processes, systems and tools
  • Extensive knowledge of talent management benchmarking, especially (though not exclusively) in technological, international & conglomerate organisations

Previous examples

  • Consultation at the European Space Agency for talent management, and in particular for benchmarking and the design and implementation of individual development planning, associated tools, job & skill families, partly to enhance mobility
  • Consultation for Fedrigoni to develop and introduce a new company-wide talent and performance management system
  • Set up a new, global, skill resource management system in Shell Chemicals including skill and job families & their management
  • Consultation and interim project management of the talent processes (including Career Development Conferences) at Allianz Global Investors in Frankfurt
  • Managed numerous (global) potential assessment & succession planning/coverage exercises, including job rotations
  • Identification of high-potential talent for large number of different companies
  • Revamp of Sibur’s Young Specialist programme
  • Advised on talent management processes for range of organisations (including Sibur, Kazakh national companies, TNK-BP, Fonterra)
  • Developed leadership competences (TNK-BP) and introduced corporate values (Shell Chemicals, Fonterra, TNK-BP, ACCESS)
  • Developed & introduced series of job profiles used in career paths & promotions in a technical ladder
  • Devised leadership development approaches for top leaders & high-potentials, including job rotation, coaching & mentoring, development training and project-based assignment


Advice, assistance and implementation in talent management and talent management strategy as a whole, as well as in specific talent processes, systems and tools (such as values & leadership competences, potential assessment & high-potentials, skill & job families, job profiles, career paths, promotion, succession planning/coverage, leadership development, job rotation, individual development planning and tools such as 360⁰)